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Grade Level Projects

Each grade will produce a grade level project for the year. Although there are many assignments created throughout the year for all grade levels, there is one major project that highlights and utilizes some of what the student has learned in each grade. Below is the list of each grade level and its project:


Project: My Favorite Thing in Kindergarten

Assignment: Students will write a sentence about their favorite thing they did in kindergarten and illustrate a self-portrait of their favorite thing.

Application: KidPix


Project: Poem with Illustration

Assignment: Students will create and write a short poem in a MS Word document. They will use proper heading, title, and formatting. Once the Word document is completed they will create an illustration in KidPix then insert the illustration into the Word document.

Applications: MS Word, KidPix


Project: Friendship Story

Assignment: Students will write a story on how to be a good friend including a setting, problem, and solution. They will create a flow map to block out their story. Then use the flow map to write a narrative story in MS Word. The MS Word document will include their choice of fonts and borders.They will be instructed on how to properly include a heading, title, and formatting. They will create an illustration in KidPix, save it as a PDF, and insert it into their MS Word document.

Applications: Kidspiration, MS Word, KidPix


Project: Planet PowerPoint Presentation

Assignment: Students will do intensive research on a planet using books, lecture, and the Internet. Students will compile all of their research into a workbook. They will use their findings to create a PowerPoint presentation. They will select themes and layouts for their presentation. They will search the Internet to find pictures to save to their folders (on the computer) and insert into each slide. They will be backing up their work onto a flash drive throughout the process.

Applications: Web Browsers (FireFox or Safari), MS PowerPoint


Project: California Mission PowerPoint Presentation

Assignment: Students will research a California Mission.They will use their findings to create an informative and dynamic PowerPoint presentation. They will create their own theme, selecting the font type, styles, colors, and layouts to personally stylize and format their presentation. They will search the Internet to find pictures to save to their folders (on the computer) and insert into each slide. They will use some of the pictures as backgrounds, and an object behind the text.They will learn to edit and format images. They will use transitions between each slide. They will select animations to bring their presentation to life.

Applications: Web Browsers (FireFox or Safari), MSPowerPoint 


Project: Take Your Next Vacation In… State Brochure

Assignment: Students will design a trifold brochure using their knowledge of a state, and explaining why people should travel to their state. They will find pictures online to use in their brochure. Then they will compile the pictures for the brochure , by editing, formatting, and adding captions for each image. Students will then design their layout and edit their professional brochure. Finished brochures will also include titles, design, and color scheme.Students will design their brochures and edit on their own.

Applications:, Web Browsers (FireFox orSafari)


Project: Public Relations - Press Release for your very own business

Assignment: Students will work individually as they brain storm up a business in order to write a press release inspired by their individuality. The business they own can be anything they choose: e.g. some options may be retail, restaurant and entertainment or auto dealerships. Students will research the Internet independently to find out how to best run their business they envision and how to create them. Students will be encouraged to be as creative as possible - the sky is the limit. Once they have completed their research, they will type a press release in correct format, explaining when the Grand Opening of their business will launch. Their work will be automatically saved on their google accounts as a google document. 

Applications: Google docs (students already have account)