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Computer Lab at Mountain Avenue

Pioneering Technology and Education with Google Drive

Mountain Avenue Elementary School continues to be at the forefront of computer technology in education by being one of the first campuses to introduce the new GUSD User Accounts to all students, grades K through 6, hosted by Google. These accounts require an email address, but are NOT active email accounts. The accounts enable students to access Google Drive at school, and anywhere there is Internet access.  These accounts will be with them throughout their education as they promote to middle school, to high school, and to any campus in the district. The user accounts are intended to be used only for school purposes, allowing students to create school-assigned projects at school or at home.  Students will be creating portfolios of their work: for example, starting with current third graders, students will have a portfolio of all the work they created at Mountain Avenue for each grade level from now until they promote to Rosemont.  Many high school teachers already require work to be created on and submitted via Google Drive; Mountain Avenue students will be highly experienced in this process.  The accounts are completely free and are a great way for students to save all their work without purchasing zip/flash drives.  The user accounts are also a great resource for students who do not have a computer at home.  It allows them to create and save work using public computers more conveniently.  With the GUSD Accounts and Google Drive, Mountain Avenue Elementary is introducing our students to a new dimension of technology and supporting their education with21st century learning.

Account Username Formula, use in login field:

First letter of student's first name + First 3 letters of student's last name + Last 4 digits of student's ID number +


Password: gusd+ SSID (10 digits) + !

Example: gusd1234567890!

For more information on these accounts from GUSD, please click on this link: GUSD Google Apps

Computer Lab Mission Statement

Using critical thinking skills and collaborative communication, all students will solve problems, and make informed decisions using multiple processes to manage computer activities so they can develop, create, complete projects, and perform tasks necessary to accomplish their goals.


Students will understand how to use the computer as a tool, they will be able to develop creative and innovative projects. 

Students will create a wide range of products by the end of this school year. Products will include documents developed in word processors, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, artwork, photos, movies, and writing code.

Encourage students to be independent and confident on the computer. Teach them the tools to make educated choices to accomplish tasks.


Students will attend weekly sessions to gain a deeper understanding of how to use the computer as a tool for multiple purposes. 

Students will learn the parts of the computer, terminology, and settings so they will have an understanding of how to use computers to their best advantage. 

Students will demonstrate a sound understanding of technology, concepts, systems, and operations when using the computer. 

Students will gain strong keyboard knowledge and typing skills so that they will be able to focus on creating rather than typing. 

Students will contribute to each others learning and improvement of skills through collaboration and communication.

Students will type correctly and increase their typing speed each year.